Stromer St-1 platinum for parts ? With a couple additional batteries and chargers


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I have a Stromer St-1 currently not working and a few parts to let go to their next stop. The bike is a large black with 27 speeds. It currently rolls. i quit riding it when it got the no comm error. It looks like it may be the display but I haven’t found any to test others to verify. It has a front shock. No seat or post. The front fender support is broken ,brakes are now soft since sitting. there are 3 gold and 4 purple batterie. The purple are complete dead, there may be some juice left in the golds, they charged up but no display to get any information about them. There are 3 chargers, 2 work correctly, 1 has a quirk about topping off I think, only used if below 80% and let run til finished , maybe near end of life.

the bike is is parts bike but with parts could be made to work or be a donor for another bike depending on the other bike‘s condition.

make offer for the 2 working chargers and take everything. No shipping and in the Atlanta area. Leave me a message if interested