Stromer ST1 codes


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Here's a revised overview of known codes:

0001 Time and date
0002 Wheel diameter in inches - 2075 default for 26"
0003 Swap between km or miles - 0 = km, 1 = miles
0004 Change Password (0000-9999, 1234 is the default)
0005 Background contrast (0-5)
1003 DO NOT CHANGE !!!!! (Factory setting torque sensor)
1004 Sensor sensitivity (default 50, 70 on the Platinum) - higher numbers give more assistance ("If you want more pedalling relative to boost, turn down the sensitivity of the torque sensor.")
1005 Boost mode - 1 = on, 2 = off
1006 Move mode, 1 to enable. Bike moves while you push it. See code 3777
1007 Limits power to 250W (default 1); 1 = limited to 250W, 0 - full power (500W). Enabling it may disable the setting of power assist levels
1008 setting 1 allows the changing of the password (code 0004)
1009 Recoup Enable mode, 1 = on
1010 Recoup Factor (unkown function?)
1011 Recouperation Strength, default = 5, higher number yield more slowing down and more power generated for the battey
1012 Unknown code, default is 2
1991 Lockout: hold power for 2 seconds to activate
2000 Show display firmware Info
2001 Show Motor firmware Info
3771 Set total distance
3773 speed limit - higher number will increase the top speed the pedal assist works
3775 increase top speed of boost mode

3777 Set Move mode speeed (code 1006), 1 - slow, 2 - medium, 3 - fast
5001 Invert brake input signal — unsure about its function — turning it on may make the display unusable. "This code makes the computer think the brake is engaged when its not, and when it is engaged the computer thinks its not."
9999 Resets odometer and factory settings (1 = yes)

Hope this helps.

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Thanks for this huge compilation.

To everybody who want to pimp their ST1 by changing display parameters: Be careful, type mismatch can disable the whole bike. Do not use BOOST mode excessively. ST1 electronics are in the motor housing, over temperature will kill them. The max. speed is limited by the degree of efficiency of the motor ;-)


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Hagurganus, did you ever find a solution to the codes not saving? I am having the same problem. I have a 2015 and the codes work perfectly on it. Bought a 2018 and I'm having the same problems you are. It's just not as fun when you're capped at 32kmph.

Input 1007 - change to 0 - to change power output (this saves)
3773 to up max speed to 70, 60, 50 (none of these have saved, it just goes back to 00)


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Nic, I have a 2018 Elite, and have the same results as you, nothing changes when I change the 3773 code. Power cuts off at 20.6 MPH. I changed the 0002 code tire size (28, 24 22, etc.) on the display, and that only changes the speed displayed. Actual speed (using a bike GPS) is still 20.6 in every case. It must be tied to the wheel, and cannot be overridden in the latest firmware?


Since many are wanting more top speed, has anyone thought of or have added front hub motor/battery conversion? When I looked into this, front fork of ST1 is not standard and cannot install the normal front spokes. :( any other ideas?