Stromer ST1 is getting a facelift

Ravi Kempaiah

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Lots of updates pouring in.

ST1 lineup will have some changes as well ( new model - ST1s, sort of reminds me of iPhone 4s, 5s nomenclature).
They have introduced Schlumpf Speed Drive in place of front chain ring. This helps in maintaining steady cadence at 25+ mph speeds and provides a wide ratio of gearing for better climbing.

Also, Ergon grips and saddle come as stock.

Some cool new colors.

ST1s.JPG ST1s-2016.JPG


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Having owned 1 I like the idea of Schlumpf drive not as crazy about the color choices myself but taste is very subjective :) :) . the green one doesnt have a rack but does have fenders and a license plate holder i think. it is early in my ST2 life but i do like the sitting position better on the 1 , dont sell ST1 short :)


Do you have the specs on the Schlumpf drive? I am very interested doing this upgrade on my ST1 if it can be done.


That has been my concern is the Q factor. I looked into doing this earlier and I abandoned my plans after I could not work it out.


The green does nothing for me. But the blue ........ They only made the blue in a large with cross bar - not step through. I bet there are women who would have loved to own this blue bike.