Stromer ST1 Platinum or Evo Cross for Long Commute


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I have a long commute, 21 miles one way, which I'd like to make from time to time. I realize I will not be able to do it every day, and I'm fine with that. I'm considering either the Stromer ST1 Platinum or Evo Cross, both which appear to be great bikes. I'm 170 pounds and my commute is flat, partly bike paths and partly suburban roads. Because of the commute length, I'd like to minimize time.

The Stromer has fatter tires, but the Evo Cross is lighter. Thoughts?


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For Stromer:
you'd want to buy a second battery charger and charge your battery at work or ideally have second charger and a second battery always waiting for you at work in case you needed to leave work before the original battery is fully charged. My wife's did over 50 miles on one charge in eco setting. Her weight is similar to yours and she never uses it past ECO. Seems to suit her speed preference just fine.

I don't know much about Evo Cross so I'll leave the answer to others.

Good Luck! - 21 miles is a long way but if it's done on selective days of the week it could be quite enjoyable.


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Have you tried this ride on a regular bike? That might tell you if you'd really want to buy and take an Ebike during rush hour. I take a 10 mile ride to work in a nice Miami suburb and I have to be very careful.. Not sure I'd want to take a 20 mile trip then turn around and do it again at the end of the day.


Both good bikes, the Cross also has a throttle which at the end of a long day can be a godsend when your too pooped to pedal or just want to get there. Range should not be an issue with either especially if you can charge at work. Try them both and get what you like. Don't be afraid to customize with aftermarket seats or different risers to get a good fit on a long commute the little irritations grow fast. Adding fenders is always a good idea on a commuter too...enjoy


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For that long of a commute you'll want a fast bike. Weight isn't an issue because you'll be running under power.

Of the two bikes you're interested in, I would get the Stromer with the biggest battery offered, and a second charger.