Stromer ST1 S and Stromer ST1 T 2016

Ann M.

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Sleek and speedy with a smooth mounting frame battery, the Stromer ST1 S is their less pricey sport bike. I like the regen feature, waterbottle cage mount (!) along with the 2 speed schlumpf drive in the front. Don't forget a cool lime green color. The Stromer ST1 S is a high speed urban electric bike emphasizing sport riding (flatter handle bar, no rack) available in two frame sizes, one high-step style and one color (metallic lime green). Carbon fiber fork reduces weight and dampens vibration, oversized road tires cushion the ride and stiff custom thru-axles provide strength and rigidity. Capable of reaching 28 mph stock and the LCD panel lets you enter codes to tweak performance and enable additional features, large 180 mm hydraulic disc brakes provide great stopping power and the right lever activates power regen. Heavier than a lot of the city and road style ebikes I test at ~62 lbs but also more powerful, pricier as well but the warranty is 2+ years and Stromer has earned a good reputation.

The companion Touring bike, the Stromer ST1 T, comes with more of the classic touring accessories like a rear rack, waterbottle mounts and sturdy full length fenders along with the integrated frame battery and front & rear lights. There's a custom version in a lighter gloss blue. The Stromer ST1 T is a solid, high speed city ebike with purpose built Aluminum frame, custom fenders and minimalist rack, premium integrated lights and hidden downtube battery. Available in two frame sizes and with an optional suspension fork for $350 more, the tires are large for improved traction and comfort and the saddle and ergonomic grips also feel good. Custom carbon fiber fork with stiff 15 mm thru axle (12 mm custom axle at the rear), the bike feels sturdy and the 180 mm hydraulic brakes stop well but also cut the motor and activate regen. One of the heavier, more expensive electric bikes out there but you get an excellent warranty and they're offering a free battery with purchase for a limited time.


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This is my first post, but boy have I been using this site and community to research my first electric bike purchase! A big thanks to everyone here, especially Court.

I wanted to contribute my thoughts for anyone considering getting this bike. I've owned an ST1 Limited Edition (identical to the ST1T except for the headlight) for a few months now and still can't believe how much I love it. Fast, powerful, and beautifully engineered. I love bicycles, but I'm out of shape enough that going for a ride though our very hilly area was more chore than fun, so the stationary bike has been getting more mileage lately. Although I gave it up when I moved to Philly, I also used to commute by motorcycle, and really miss being on that kind of bike.

The ST1 perfectly filled those gaps. I still can't believe how fast, powerful, practical, and FUN this thing is. In "eco" mode, I get great range (at least 25 miles through lots of hills) and a good workout. There have been a few times that I wished I had a lower gear range, but to tackle the big, long inclines, I just put it into "power" mode and zoom past the surprised cyclists in front of me. On level pavement, this thing goes 0-30 in seconds... can't wait to start using it for the daily commute.

One of the most surprising pleasures of this bike is how much it handles like a motorcycle. It is incredibly stable and requires countersteering at anything over about 10mph. There is a distinct advantage of having a heavy, well-balanced bike - all that inertia lets you glide over even the bigger bumps at 30mph. The fastest I've gone is about 50mph (those hills!), and I felt much more confident on the Stromer than I have on road bikes.

Until now, the most expensive bike I've ever owned was the Specialized Rockhopper Comp that 14-year old me purchased with paper route money way too many years ago. The local ebike shop gave me the ST1 Limited plus an extra 14.5Ah battery, an extra charger, and installed the shock forks from an ST1 Sport for $4100. Even with Stromer's new extra battery promotion, I haven't had a single regret. Just pure joy at how much fun this thing is to ride.

The guy who runs the local ebike shop was incredibly friendly and easy to work with. Sadly, his service guy tried to murder me when he shimmed my front brake caliper with washers instead of using a Magura mounting bracket. The moral of this story is to do your own maintenance.

I hate the Limited's headlight and wish I had the Supernova. Upgrading the lights to make a night commute safer is next on my list of fixes.

I miss having a bajillion gears, but I'm adapting. It would be nice to have more high and low end for the long hills, but for 98% of the riding I've done, nine speeds is adequate.


Don't know where you got your limited at but does not sound good. The ST1 limited comes stock with Supernova lights, if yours did not your dealer has them somewhere. As far as the ST1S and St1T. Quite a different beast with a Slumpf drive in front you gain quite a gearing advantage, making keeping your cadence to a sane level at high speed a breeze with a quick bump to drop you down to tackle the hills. If your LBS is shimming your brakes got to wonder what else they are up to.