Stromer ST2 Battery

George Armstead

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I just picked up a ST2 and love the bike. I have noticed that my battery never reaches 100% on the screen after charging overnight. Is this common? I have tried charging the battery both in and out of the bike with the same results. I appreciate any insights.


Congratulations! Read the manual !

(Link Removed - No Longer Exists)

"If the battery is completely charged, the
LED lights up green. Disconnect the battery
/ST2 from the ST2 battery charger

The first three times you charges your battery
make sure it is completely empty. However
there after avoid letting the battery go flat."

Also you should read the entire manual.. this sucker is expensive!
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George Armstead

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Thanks for the quick follow up.

I did contact the dealer and he said that 97% is all he has ever seen on Stromer batteries. He had contacted Stromer earlier and they confirmed this.


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I never let mine go all the way dead but for the first few weeks it only ever got to 97% It now goes all the way to 100% consistantly.


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I only had this problem once and have charged my battery about 10 times now. I did catch that you need to drain it the first 3 times to zero, which was not a big deal. BTW, do plug in charger 1st then attach to bike. I was getting some error codes popping up after charging. Not 100% sure if it was due to the order of operation but the ST2 seems very sensitive so read the manual a few times. They need a quick cheat and the long version as well. The info available is kinda weak. My digital watch, DVD, TV have larger and better written manuals.