Stromer ST2020 concept bike - Gates belt drive and 5 speed integrated gearbox

Khaled Allam

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Indeed very very nice. Belt drives and ABS are the future for ebikes in my opinion. I hope they consider completing this prototype with front and rear suspension like the new 2020 R&M Delight and SuperDelight.


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At present, Stromer engineers working hard to make the Gates2020 as agile and sporty like a typical Stromer. The hardest part is the position, setup and fine tuning of the torque sensor. All Stromer riders know: This benchmark is high. In the concept is foreseen, the frame is ST1 but the equipment shall be ST3.


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The concept bike is fitted with a Gates CDX belt. The company stated clearly, its "concept" - changes might happen before going on sale. Find a few details more in the attached file.



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Great read . Thanks Blue cat for the link. Looking forward to riding a new Stromer belt bike.


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Once again: It's not finished yet.

Especially the motor and the fine-tuning are remaining issues. The major challenge is to achieve the typical, sporty and dynamic riding feeling of a Stromer.



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It just looks way too heavy, but nice color and integration.

The older Stromers will probably sell for 70% off if this one is a good product. No chains, no mess, no casettes , etc..

Trek ALLANTE carbon is the 2020 ebike to beat.
625+500=1125wh on a 47-48lb carbon ebike.
They will probably have similar prices.

I wish i had say it’s an BH ebike the one for 2020,but they keep those under wraps under feb. 2020.
So this will have a 500w motor and a 5 speed transmission in the rear hub?
I hope they can do a really wide range 5 speed with a very tall 5th gear.

I rarely use more than 5 gears out of my 11 so this could be a really nice setup