Stromer ST2S without rear fender


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I recognize this may be heresy to some folks here (apologies)!

I am not a huge fan of the look of fenders on a bike, despite their utility. What are the ramifications of removing the fenders on an ST2S? Is there a way to relocate the rear tail light? Are there other routed wires or anything depending upon the fender? Anything structural I should care about?

I am in the US, so I do not need to worry about license plates.

Thanks for any info

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The rear tail light has a rather long wire that mounts underneath the fender. I so no reason why you cannot relocate. The greater problem is mounting it. I am not sure if there is a connector for rear tail light to the electrical system but I suspect there is. If not you can simply splice. If you remove fender you will lose the rack as it is secured to the fender. No structural issues for removing fenders.


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Seen in Antwerp at stromer dealer velodome


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You may argue, you never ride in the dark - and remove the lights...

Exactly. Ideally, I would like to come up with a solution where I can keep the lights, but ditch the fender. Does anyone know if the light can even be separated from the fender (is it embedded or glued for instance?)

I am hoping to come up with a way to mount it below the seat post collar, or maybe underneath the saddle if that cannot work.


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I moved my st1 down by axle, any zinc bracket to hold 2 boards together for framing houses. Pick the one that works best, trim to fit, paint black. Done
My st2 rack is too valuable for me to remove fender, but I "bobbed" mine by cutting a couple inches off back. And it does make a nice routing job for wire. That left over screw from your rack removal will hold any kind of light you want.


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Hi Graham,

Living in Southern California where it rains 3 days a year I too am not a big fan of fenders. I just think the bike looks so much meaner etc. without. With my ST2 it was super easy to relocate the rear light to the seat post and used the mount that the Specialized Turbo used at one point on their bikes as it was the same light.

With the ST2s I am a little perplexed on the best way to go about this so I am very interested in if you discover an option.


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Resurecting an old thread here, but why create a new thread for the same topic? I finished removing the rear fender this evening.

For my Stromer ST2s I named 'Sunday' I've already or plan to do
- purple battery from a ST1x, 684 Whr, the smallest in this line of bikes.
- removed the front fender
- carbon fiber seatpost
- carbon fiber seat
- carbon fiber handlebar
- kickstand delete
- eggbeater pedals
- lighter weight silicone grips
- remove rear fender and relocate the rear light to under the seat - 75% complete
- swap out the Supernova Pure 99 pro front light with a smaller front light, something like the
ST1x - later
- tubless setup - next spring
- lowest rolling resistance tires + lightest weight tires - next spring
- XTR single speed crank - next spring

The bike is quite a bit lighter than my other commuting ST2s that I left stock. When I'm out riding with the GF, I can easily ride even the heavier ST2s with the battery off and keep up with her. Boost level 1 of three, I can do 20 on my heavier ST2S. I don't imagine the weight weenie will be faster due to the laws of physics, but physics says it will accelerate faster OR use less battery power for the same acceleration as a stock weight bike. The minimalist bike is 52.3 lbs in the current state of transformation, and I haven't weighed the stock bike yet, but it's supposed to be 60#. Any more ideas on how to shave weight are welcome !