Studded Tires


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Speaking of Bar Mitts. I bought them in the summer and last week I decided it was time to put them on. Well, my rearview mirror that is attached to the left handlebar is in the way of the Bar Mitt. The bar mitt does not have an opening to for the mirror to slide through. I went back to my gtex mittens.

Today was 20 degrees when I headed out. I switched to lightweight wool layer and added a regular (Pendleton) wool shirt under my soft shell jacket. I also added gaiters. I was warm enough. The Haakapelita tires seemed to slow me down a little bit but did not seem to put a dent in my battery range. Good. The tires feel great, almost slightly narrower than my Turbo's, the additional noise of the studs is negligible.
Try to inflate the tires a little extra, studded tires with low pressure are soo much slower than regular tires with low pressure.