Yes it is shoveling season in cold country, but the guys at the DOT keep the highways clean so I will be able to take a "test ride" very soon.

Will update thread as conditions, and time permit.
Pretty excited...YES.
Stay tuned.....
Rick in Nova Scotia.


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Congrats on the new bike! Is this the first shipment of the Stunner? The first bikes were supposed to ship in October then I was told "Well before the holidays".

Tara D.

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Woohoo! Glad to hear it @Rick-n-n ! Don't forget to come back and post a picture and let us know how it was! Happy New year!


IMG_1799 [].JPG
Stunner Arrives !
There are a few like it, but this one is mine.
Couple of days late, but good day for a test at +8 C.
I'm quite fussy about stuff I buy, and was almost expecting to find something I didn't like about it, but happily I can't find a thing I don't like.

Initial thoughts,

1) The wheels were very straight, I would say perfect, which I must say is a little rare I usually spend a bit of time on a new bike truing the wheels to suit me.
2) The bike feels very solid, there is no "wiggle" if you shake it by the handle bars. Considering it weighs 50 pounds, no question a sturdy build.
3) Tires are the right size with just enough cushion, seat comfortable.
4) Brakes were very smooth.
5) Most importantly to me it has good power, as advertised. That's a good thing.

My "little" test. I tried it on my hill, about 7% grade, and 1/4 mile long, went up in third gear, medium power 3 out of 5 level assist, I did pedal, but didn't help much, speed was 22 KPH. For the record when I went up the same hill before on a regular bike it was 1st gear, and about walking speed. As I suspected / hoped it will do it by itself, I used 1st gear for that test, and the speed was 12-13 KPH, I do forget what level I was in, though I believe it was 4 or 5.

This is not my review as it will be some time before I can get any actual miles on it. Bad weather has returned to cold country, and is snowing again. And I will be adding some fenders, got a bit of dirt on it already. (smiley)
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