Stunner vs. Juggernaut

I am saving money to buy a Stunner or a Juggernaut.
I like the idea of riding upright -- it seems more comfortable way to ride. I am looking to commute and google maps say that it will take one hour and 15 minutes for my commute. The route has both asphalt and park trails. So I am thinking that my route is not too extreme and that the Stunner could handle it. However, I am eyeing the Juggernaut and it is a beauty! So I am on the fence between the two. With the Juggernaut, I could explore more around my area.

Here is a link (not sure if it will work) of my route:
(Link Removed - Attachment No Longer Exists) (if the link doesn't work, google maps from Canterbury Square, Alexandria, VA to New York Metro, Washington, DC using the bike option)

Any feedback is appreciated on my route and my surrounding areas, especially from people who own both the Stunner and the Juggernaut.

In addition, I live in a small apartment on the third floors, going up and down the stairs. To store my bike, I probably have to take off one or both wheels off on a daily basis. How easy is that to do? Does that affect my choice of bike?

Ann M.

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Bravo for cycling! With over an hour commute time on a regular bike, the electric option will be a relief. The Stunner might be the more maneuverable of the two on city roads; however, if you want to spend more time on unpaved trails or off-road, the fat tire Juggernaut will smooth out the bumps more. Both good options, @BlondAngel , you just need to decide which type of riding suits you best. Might want to consider that the Stunner could be easier to dual commute on a train or bus than a fat tire bike - most bus or train racks can't readily accommodate the super wide tire sizes.


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I own a Juggernaut and love it. It has quick release wheels front and back, so fairly easy to remove. Can't comment on the Stunner. If it doesn't have quick release, it's not hard to add that.

However, if I were taking it up and down 3 flights of stairs, I'm not sure the fat bike is a good choice. It's pretty big. I would be looking for something smaller/lighter.


I own stunner, and I like it a lot, it does have QR wheels.
I believe it would get more range than the fat tire bike, but don't know that for fact.
I also believe that 2.3 inch wide tires are plenty for dirt riding.
First I like to ask 1:15 commute, at what speed ? Never mind I checked your link. You can do that trip in one hour quite easy, on assist level 3 on stunner, and will have enough battery to do the round trip, so far I've got 40 miles on assist level 2 averaging 12-15 MPH, and probably have quite a bit more hills than you on this particular trip.

For a daily rider you'll want fenders for either. I'm still looking for something that suits me, I got speed shield for Giant, the fenders themselves are OK , but the stays suck, and are unacceptable. I got a pair for Electra townie balloon, but they are too wide, and also unacceptable.


Yes it (STUNNER) does have quick release (sorry I abbreviated it to QR above) wheels.
Your 12 mile commute will be able to do in assist level 2, and 3rd gear in one hour exactly.

I didn't notice this before as I hardly ever use throttle, but today I put it in power level 5 and hit throttle it did not cut off at 32 KPH ? I went right up to 44 KPH, and was still pulling when I let off. I double checked the computer, and it is set to 32 MAX. Don't know what is going on, but I like it.