Suggestions for quality ebike priced <$2000-2500, cargo or similar, sometimes need to carry girlfriend who is ~135 lbs


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Yes we are still and only (as for me that I started the thread) talking about bikes that might be used to carry your 135lb girlfriend. At the end I went for the Radrunner, I found a guy living 2 hours from me that is calling the basic model at $800. I am gonna pick it up Sunday. Brand new and never used (offered as gift after purchasing the house). It has actually a payload of 275lbs , so my gf and me are 305 lbs so a bit higher, but I saw on forums people riding for miles with gf at 320-330 lbs with no issue so I should be fine. I will keep you posted. I need to receive the back seat for passenger before trying it out with gf. Cant wait!!! We can finally go out together on the same ebike, with her hugging me from behind :)