Sun Tour Quick Loc


I do not usually need to remove the front wheel but recently did so that the PIM would fit into the back of a friend's vehicle. Was I amazed when I saw this Sun Tour Quick Loc through axle? Well, yes I was. I think there was some documentation about this when we un-boxed the new Benny but I totally did not pay attention. Sun tour Quick Loc.jpg This is not a "drop out" it is in fact a large diameter axle that has a very cool pinch clip on one end and the familiar friction lever on the other. The entire axle inserts through the eye bores on the Sun Tour fork. When the clip end clears the opening it expands to prevent pulling the axle out, the friction lever is then closed to hold the front wheel in place. Quick, easy and really cool.


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Thru axle forks are not uncommon in the bike world. A variety of "standards" and yours is just one of them. TA forks cause folks with front wheel removed bike racks issues however.