Sundeal Minivello


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I heard about the Sundeal miniveko being clearanced for $159 from Nashbar, so I bought one. It's a nice light (26 pound) bike with mechanical disk brakes, and OK Shimano parts. The brakes work well. Today I had to do a hard stop, and locked up the rear wheel and the bike did a little skid and slide.

I changed the seat, handlebar grips, and raised the bars with a stem extender. Added a front drive Q100H geared motor,a 20A sine wave KT-controller with LCD and a10S-3P 36V 9AH bottle battery. I spoked the motor into a 36 hole Sun Ringle rim and used 14G spokes. I found a plastic box that fit my controller, so I used it for decoration.

Top speed on 36V is 19 mph. With 48V, it's about 23 mph. This was my first front drive project. The forks are alloy, so I put on two two torque arms. One is your typical ebay unit, while I fabbed the other. There wasn't much axle room left on one side. I retained the supplied lawyer lip washers.

The bike itself seems a bit harder to pedal unassisted than others, so it's better with the motor. The bike feels harsher on bumps because of the small 20" wheel and the added weight (4,5 pounds) of the motor. However, the frame feels more solid than my folding 20 inchers, and I believe it leans better on curves.