Suntour NCX seat suspension -- lock it in?


I just installed my new Suntour NCX suspension -- love it. But it's quick release -- pretty easy to steal, no? What do you guys with NCX/thudbuster/bodyfloat do? Do you take your seat off every time you lock your bike? Or install a screw so it's not quick release?

Another option would be to put a small cable lock through seat and around rack to deter quick thieves (wouldn't work for overnight ,etc since they would snip it)
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Ravi Kempaiah

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Cable lock would be best.
Also, you can get a seatpost collar that uses a special key ( I had this one my previous bike )
Most of the seatposts use Allen key and it's easy to remove such a thing. The seatpost mentioned above is not easy to steal if you don't have that key.


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I replace all quick release hardware including wheel skewers for two reasons, peace of mind in the bike rack and properly torqueing parts and fasteners with a torque wrench. I carry a bike multi-tool anyway, so no need for QR. Too much emphasis for QR is made by bike sellers.