Super Delight Charging Port Cover - for dummies


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Riese & Muller,

My New Super Delight charging port cover has a magnetic feature to hold it closed. Magnet in flip up top / tip of cover is designed to latch “magnetically” against the screw that holds the port cover to the frame.

Problem = the screw that Riese Muller uses to attach the charging port cover to the frame is NOT IRON / non ferrous, so the magnetic latch is USELESS!

Propel bikes (who is awesome) sent out a warranty claim and immediately sent me a new cover (same cover with the same problems) BUT I must add that the replacement cover screws provided with the new cover as the “warranty fix” were too short.

I suspect R&M realizes their aluminum frame will not tolerate a ferrous screw without some serious dissimilar metal(s) reactivity problems and they were too ashamed to admit it.

This isn’t rocket science @ Riese Muller = just make a tight fitting captive rubber plug, to fill the hole tightly when not in use, and add an O-ring to it for a water tight seal.

Forty pages of European or German regulations is optional, but OK. just do it !!!

I live in the deep south where heavy rains are an almost everyday occurrence. My very pricey bike needs a proper seal over the charging port to prevent costly corrosion and other expensive repair issues.

Please make sure the “fix” actually works before making and shipping the warranty repair item.
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The fix:


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I live in alabama so I must have caught him on a good day or he has to be careful about volume??


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Could someone send me the link, had my bike less than a month and the cover has already fallen off 🙄🙄 thanks in advance