Superbike - Series 2 unlock upgrades.


We are starting assembly next week (will post pics as soon as we have it). I am expecting ~ 71 or 72 lbs with in-frame battery. (current Ti bike is ~64lbs as a comparison).
hoping you will have a non-spoke wheel option.


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Bosch prototype wheels look sharp.
I think renders are always great. Is this a real bike yet ? There are a few things to consider regardless of if it is a render or not.

1. The spokeless wheel is only an option if you are doing a cassette or a fixed gear. If you are doing an internal gear hub. e.g. kindernay / rohloff / etc, you wont be able to have that "spokeless" wheel at the rear. You will notice that Juiced has a wheel for a motor mount, but not a gear hub.

2. I don't have any data on if or why those wheels are better. I would like to learn. Can you please share any articles / data sets that compare those wheels?

3. If these are carbon based, then long term care is crucial - good carbon wont be cheap. e.g. HED aluminum rims are 180/rim for aluminum but $400/ rim for carbon.. and those are with spokes. If we add more material, the cost will go up.


It’s not a “real” bike, as Bosch just uses it to promote components.

Your Points are Valid.

You must speak German at this point lol.
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That's given, but I think it's because of all the prep work he has to do including sourcing components since they are backordered.