SuperCommuter Mods


Newest mod-March 2019, Metropolis handlebars....WOW, what a difference!

(While away in Florida, I rented a Specialized Como with handlebars very similar to these. I'm glad I did this, much more 'Commuter' friendly and comfortable.
Thinking of putting Metropolis handlebars on my 8s is there a change in the handling of the bike? Dose it reduce the pressure on your hands ?


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Growing up riding bicycles in my high school years, for me, the most important addition as a commuter bike is the extended mud flap, especially in the front. This kept my shoes and school uniform clean, even on wet and muddy streets.
It brings memories growing up in Europe.


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Suggest redshift stem, see earlier posts. The difference, as expected, is quite amazing. I wouldn't ride this bike without it.
This too is true, and it is wonderful along with the Body Float seat system. Bummer is the new replacements for the Super Commuter (Allant) has a proprietary stem, so no RedShift....


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My mods were to replace the pedals with Shimano PD-GR500 platform pedals and replace the original seatpost with a Cane Creek Thudbuster S/T which provide decent shock absorption for around $140. So far I'm pleased with these products.