Supernova M99 Install on ODK


So I just became aware of the Supernova M99 - see video demo here on Stromer ST2 - as well as the company's official promo video.

Would it be possible to hook this up to the battery of the ODK? That would make this thing a beast for night riding!

Generally I'm wondering how to hook up lights to the battery, but this would be a sick light to have powered up - although the $360 price tag is a big turn off!
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Tora Harris

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We have custom made DC-DC 48V-12V converters made up for pro users, but slow to get them up to the webpage. It allows you to run any 12V device like LED, stereo or whatever up to 120W. Then you can run real LED lights like something from Baha Designs.

Email us directly if this is setting you might be interested in,


Thanks Tora. Now that I'm over the initial hype of the M99, I'm actually thinking that I may end up going the battery-powered light route and limit the number of cords running around. I was thinking something like this Serfas 500 would work well, but I'm just concerned about how/where it will mount to the handlebars so I may end up going for a helmet mounted solution. Cheers!