Supernova upgrade light on Vado 5.0


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I'm finding the existing Supernova OEM light on the Vado 5.0 insufficient to light the early darkness I ride in daily.
Is it just a matter of replacing it with a M99 Pro or Mini?
Pluses, minuses, good, bad or ?

Stefan Mikes

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Brwinów (PL)
You'd rather talk with the LBS whether the upgrade to Supernova is doable. My version of Vado is equipped with the M99 Pro and that's a special setup for Euro Speed-Pedelecs, with automatic day-light, automatic low beam and high beam on demand. The change from old 2017 BLOKS setup to 2020 TCD-W one required installing the whole Vado 6.0 upgrade kit, and half of the bike had to be dismantled. Not sure how problematic that would be to install the M99 Pro on a U.S. Vado.

Bear in mind that Supernova M99 Pro draws as much as 36 W in high beam mode and 18 W in low beam mode. The lamp alone costs US$520. Regarding the performance, I can only talk superlatives. The day-light is perfectly visible from far ahead. The low beam is asymmetrical and with cut off. The high beam is so powerful it was ensuring perfect visibility at a forest ride in total darkness with all details visible at far distance.

You might perhaps give up the idea of integrated light though. If you could afford Supernova, it is better to invest in CatEye Volt 1700: Even more light in high beam mode, 5 distinct modes, USB rechargeable battery that really lasts. Handlebar mounted. I also own CatEye AMPP 1100 which is smaller, lighter but the battery doesn't keep that long.

No experience with other lights.


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Thanks, it may be the way to go to avoid retrofitting hassles. I had the M99 Pro on my Super Commuter+ 8S, and loved it....but now I'll look at the CatEye Volt 1700, as per your recommendation..thanks


I just went through researching this as well. I think the m99 mini pro 45 is the way to go for most bikes. It’s less powerful then the full size m99 and it lacks a drl, but it will has low and high beam and pretty much acts like most lights on evokes meaning the low beam stays on all the time and is basically a drl. Main advantage is due to lower power draw it is compatible with many more bike motors. Bosch gen 2-4, and brose for sure. It is also one of the few with proper road light pattern that will not blind oncoming traffic in low beam and you have high beam as well. I could only find lezyne stvzo lights that are of similar quality, but they don’t really have high beam.
Only issue is getting it in the US. You can order from supernova direct or propelbikes sells this model exactly. Also you need the proper connector cable for your motor and a mounting bracket for you use whether handlebar or fork mount. I got those through supernova direct from there website as I could not really find these parts stocked in the US probably because there are no actual dealers here.
Overall, in my search it appears that while expensive the m99 mini pro gives the best lighting you can get. I really wanted something with a road cutoff pattern low beam and a nice even spread of light so this was the best option. All the lights you can buy whether battery or wired in are mostly meant for trails, they have a somewhat focused beam and can put out 1000 plus lumens but will be unsafe on the road as they will blind those coming towards you. Simply pointing them a bit lower does not really fix this problem and will also just end up giving you a hot spot on the road which is not ideal. The m99 essentially gives you what you are expecting from a car headlight which I suspect people are actually wanting.