Surface 604 Colt? Or something a bit pricier?


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Now that I've graduated college I can finally afford an ebike, and want to make sure I get the right one. Here are my general requirements:

1.5k-3k price range

Commuter/Cruiser Bike

No swept handlebars

Throttle and Pedal Assist

Class 2 (commute will be on bike paths, so no class 3)

Upright/Upright-relaxed riding position

Rear hub motor or mid drive

Capable of a short but slightly steep commute: Only 3.1 miles one way, but 315 ft of vertical, at least according to google (I swear it's steeper than that!). Ideally the whole commute should be doable on throttle alone.

Bonus points for a bike popular enough that a Denver ebike shop would have them in stock locally.

So far it looks like the Surface 604 Colt seems like a pretty decent match for all these categories, and value priced to boot. I'm wondering if I should think about about a more powerful class 2 for the hills? Or is it a non issue?
Any other recommendations for mid drives or rear hub bikes that fit the criteria above?