Surface 604 colt vs Magnum Metro +

Surface 604 Colt or Magnum Metro +

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Hey everyone,

I've been trolling this site for a while and I'm on the verge of making my first ebike purchase. My budget is 2K and the two bikes that have caught my eye are the Surface 604\Magnum Metro +.

I can't ride my road bike any more because of neck issues, and I want to commute to work 2 twice a week. It is about an 11 mile one way trip.

I'd love to hear pros and cons from people who have these bikes. I've done an exhaustive amount of research and I need help deciding.
Here is my pro\con list

Pro: Colt - sturdy frame, torque sensor, integrated lights, adjustable stem, 10 speed cassette, Can purchase at a LBS.
Con: Colt - slightly smaller batter in amps vs the metro, no motor cutoff, top speed 20mph, meh tires.

Pro:Metro+ - faster bike(28 mph), higher amp battery, motor cutoff,adjustable stem, better tires (Kevlar lined)
Con: Metro - lights not integrated, cadence sensor**, can purchase LBS but special order only.

Now I've only ridden an ebike with a cadence sensor, and I'm waiting for LBS to get a Colt in stock to test drive. There is a Magnum dealer in town (Los Angeles) but the metro + is a special order for them... so no test drive before I would order.

thoughts? Thanks for you help in advance