Surface 604 Finally Surfaced

Mike Smith

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Hey surface 604 has finally surfaced. Too little too late imho, and only 250 or 350W options, forget about it. Looks like they spent too much time designing and too little time asking what people actually want in a fat bike. Anyway enjoy. They are way late to market imho. Not a bad looking bike though but way under powered again just my opinion.

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yep, kinda agree - for anyone who is interested though, 15% off if you sign up and buy as a pre-order. Sure as heck seems like they are going to build to order...wonder where else I've heard of that sort of thing before around here...

I noticed the white photo has a bluto shock - which isn't offered. I've heard RST doesn't make very good shocks - the one on the bike looks an awful lot like the no-name shock on my radrover too.

@Mike Smith have you seen the surface 604 european website? they have like half a dozen bikes of varying builds and options, they are higher priced than this single bike is though.

OMG I swear on my way home from work the starting price was $2,499. $2,999 is simply too much for this bike. That is the same motor as the Sondors bike too, wonder if that would fit a 10spd cassette - heck, the sondors motor and battery might even be worth taking out and building up an entire other bike out of it.
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Not a bad looking ebike but I agree this is too much and $1000+ more than a regular priced RadRover