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Good morning,

My name is Liviu Lalo. I am an Italian graduate student. At the moment, I am attending a Master Science in Marketing Management at the University of Groningen. Currently, I am completing my Master Thesis about evaluating preferences for electric bicycles.
In oder to develop my study, I was supported by an Italian independent electric bicycle manufacturer, who recently developed two new prototypes. However, I guarantee that the main purpose of the study is academic, despite some info are related to the product itself (I had to find a compromise between academic and managerial needs).

In a nutshell, I kindly ask you a few minutes of your time to fill a brief survey about the aforementioned topic. In accordance with the University of Groningen policy, I guarantee that the questionnaire is completely anonymous and the results will be used for research purposes only.

As a reward for your participation, at your discretion, you can subsequently receive a Discount Coupon Code worth 200 € for the possible purchase of the product on the official website when it will be marketed.

Link survey:

Thank you for your time and attention.

Kind regards,

Liviu Lalo

Student number: S3053849

Rijksuniversiteit Groningen