Survey for those with higher mileage (2000+) ebikes

How often has your bike (with 2000+ miles on it) needed a repair (besides basic maintenance)?

  • Never

    Votes: 32 50.0%
  • once or twice

    Votes: 23 35.9%
  • three or four times

    Votes: 5 7.8%
  • 5-7 times

    Votes: 2 3.1%
  • 8+ times

    Votes: 2 3.1%
  • My 2000+ mileage bike is broken down, repairs pending

    Votes: 1 1.6%
  • My 2000+ mileage bike is broken down, and I'm not having it repaired (or can't get it repaired).

    Votes: 2 3.1%

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Giant Quick-e (2017), just ticked over 4000miles over 16months. Brake pads seem to last about 2000miles, have replaced the chain, chainring and cassette- the last two because I didn't change the chain soon enough <Sadface>. But all of which I would normal expect on a standard bike. The only non-maintenance type of repair needed was the wiring loom was replaced under warranty- it was quite a big job caused by quite a small problem- basically riding it through the winter (and lots of wet and salted roads) corroded the wiring to the rear light. On the Quick-e the rear light comes on automatically when you power up- one small fix actaully required re-wiring a significant porition of the bike apparently. Local Giant dealer sorted with no complaints though.

Terrific bike, still feels as sturdy as the day I bought it.


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My 8400+ mileage EG Zurich 350IX is broken down, and I'm not having it repaired

October this year was the best October for work commutes and total miles for an October since 2014.
However, November started out with some consternation! The goal of achieving 100 work commutes for 2018 is out of the realm of reality, it was 2014 the last year I reached that milestone. I had been researching upgrades for EG Zurich. The rear internal hub gearing was getting noisy with grinding metal sounds. I decided to upgrade the wheel to the 8 speed Nexus hub and ordered the associated components. While preparing for the delivery of said components , during the tear down of the Zurich, I discovered cracks in the bike’s frame. Specifically, near the welds where the down-tube joins the bottom bracket and seat tube were several cracks.

The nexus wheel arrived after the discovery. I’ve decided not to ship the wheel back and thus avoid incurring a 30 dollar reshipping cost and a 25 dollar restocking fee. The thought is to use the Nexus rear wheel on another bike.

Tearing down the Zurich leaves me with significant waste to recycle. While I could reuse all the components, but then again considering I'm on the second 36 volt 12 Ah battery and that has gone through 190+ recharge cycles (about 1/2 -2/3 of optimal life span), also considering the 350 watt hub motor has 8400 miles in 488 hours of use over the past 4 years and 8 months, it’s time to replace those components.
After due consideration it was clear in my mind it was time for new bike.
Thanksgiving morning I placed an order for a Juiced CCX:p
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Your 350IX doesn't owe you much with 8400 miles on it. Even so, It would be a shame to just recycle it. For a few $$, a good weld shop could repair those cracks and perhaps reinforce the joints. That way, you could keep it as a second bike for occasional use.

In any case, enjoy your new CCX! :)


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Your 350IX doesn't owe you much with 8400 miles on it. Even so, It would be a shame to just recycle it. For a few $$, a good weld shop could repair those cracks and perhaps reinforce the joints. That way, you could keep it as a second bike for occasional use.

In any case, enjoy your new CCX! :)
The thought is good. Most of the Zurich's components will be utilized on a conversion I am planning.


Giant dirt E+2 2016 model.

on/off switch on control got jammed so giant sent a new one.

Charger started taking 12 hours to charge a battery. Bought a new one for work and realised the new one was only taking 4 hours. Luckily the original one was still under warranty and giant replaced free of charge.


2013 miles,and i had to replace a Brose motor as i damaged the TQ sensor by having a brutal pedal strike.
Brose doesn’t warranty motors with pedal strikes.
But i was taken care of by Fantic.


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I have around 2200 miles on my Brose Motor Bulls Evo 3 27.5 eMTB bought in Sept. 2018.

Bike has been flawless, only issue was a Suntour Axion fork that would leak air pressure. It was fixed under warranty (seals and some other air spring internals due to contamination from the bad seals). No leaks since

My only issue has been with this Suntour Axion fork. Somehow I broke off the rebound adjuster(my fault) on the bottom of the leg so the fork now clunks when it tops out(no/little rebound damping). Bulls being a european based company used a fork that is hard to get parts for in the US (in general Suntour fork parts are hard to get). The damping cartridge to fix the rebound issue is $200 with a 25% discount and it has to be shipped from europe so $$ for shipping. Im just living with the clunking for now but will replace with a rockshox yari from ebay at some point. Choosing the Rockshox as I can actually buy parts for it and do the work myself saving down time and shop time. The rockshox also has a better design for the rebound adjuster allowing it to be replaced independently from the damper cartidge.


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My display just had a small malfunction at 2700 miles (USB accessory charging stopped working). Dealer replaced (warranty repair).


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Numerous small issues on my Haibike Trekking w/ about 10,000 miles.

- Return springs sometimes pop out of the brake levers.
- Plastic battery cap is broken.
- Intermittent clicking from the Yamaha drive. Not sure what to do. I think it comes from the metal casing contracting in winter.
- The Yamaha remote has cracked.
- Rear wheel broken twice (hub and freewheel). That was 2 rear wheel replacements. The first one was probably my fault.
- MT4 brakes are difficult to manage and inconsistent in feel.
- Front fender became wobbly. Had to improvise a rubber dampener.

Apart from that it's regular maintenance:

I've changed the cassette once.
I've changed the chain once.
I've changed the rotors once (they were beginning to thin out).
I've changed the screws that retain the disk brakes because they were dangerously overtightened IMO.
I've changed the rear tire once.


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I have about 15000km on my bike and I've had to repair it easily 30+ times. I've refined my bicycle components to keep failures to a minimum but it's a process.

john peck

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For those of you who have an ebike with 2,000 or more miles on it, I'm curious about how often it has needed repairs (aside from flat tires, brake adjustments, and other basic maintenance). Please answer this poll.

Repairs done under warranty still count as repairs. :)

Feel free also to add related discussion.

If you have a lower mileage bike, please don't do the poll, but feel free to share your specifics in a reply to the thread. If you have multiple high mileage bikes, pick one for the poll and discuss the other in a reply.

Thanks! :)
Have 4K, repairs? I haven't had to an issue with the basic platform. just one major repair,
I had to replace a motor, the OEM spoke lacing wore out the bores.

Ian Moone

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I have No idea, beyond the 700 or so miles I've put on my EG Bali 350, but the Previous owner bought it New in 2010 ?, and can Still get 15-20 miles out of the 36volt / 10Ah battery !


Trek Powerfly 5 hardtail. About 1700 miles on it.

Walk Mode didn't work, dealer did something (firmware upgrade?) and now it does work.
Spoke broke at the rear hub. A different shop fixed that.
Chain broke last week. Checked the broken chain; it was .5% stretched.
My wife's Powerfly 5 chain showed .75% stretch.
Bought new chains, link pliers, Park CC-3.2 stretch gauge, Park chain cleaner, and chain lube.

Almost all of our miles are on a rails-to-trails. Not singletrack.