Suspension fork differences

Two Sons

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I previously posted that I attempted twice to make a purchase on Aliexpress (a set of handle bars and suspension fork) and both times, for whatever reason, my purchase would not process. Well, the third time's the charm, as they say. I ended up buying the handlebars elsewhere but still needed the forks, so I ordered the above fork.
In hindsight, what I now realize is that they are "oil" forks versus air forks. Is there really a difference in the two that I should reconsider my purchase? Quite frankly, I'm a newbie rider with a bad back and just want some relief from the hard banging of the pavement. I have no intention of "trailriding" so I'm not looking for something at the high end of support. Any opinions are much appreciated, and thank you.


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Most of the fat 20's sold with suspension forks have oil forks, so you're in the same good company with them. And you won't have to buy a special purpose air pump.

Air must be better as the forks cost more. I think it allows more adjustability. Might not get thick when it's cold. My fat 20 has air. My other bikes are oil. They all smooth out the potholes.