Suspension fork for Yamaha Cross Core


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Has anyone put a suspension fork on a Yamaha Cross Core?
I have a Redshift stem but am still feeling the bumps. Rather than sell, I'd like to add a suspension fork. Can someone tell me of a decent fork to purchase? I imagine I will need to cut the steerer tube to the right length and insert a star nut. The front wheel uses a 12 mm thru-axle which differs from the 15 mm on the Cross Connect.
The bike has 35 mm tires. If the suspension fork idea is too difficult an option may be switching to 40 mm lower-pressure tires for a bit more bounce.


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You may want to try some wider tubeless tires for extra cushion. The fork can probably take a 45mm wide tire and if you run it tubeless, you can run a lower pressure to make it even more comfy.


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Thanks for the tire idea. I may try that. I did soften the ride a little bit by putting the softest elastomer into the Redshift ShockStop stem. I also switched to carbon fiber handlebars (ProTaper 2020).
I ride my mountain bike and absolutely love how the front shocks smooth out the bumps. I want to feel that way on my Yamaha CrossCore.