suspension fork up grade


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can someone help me complete my project? i have the lectric xp 1.0 and i am trying to upgrade the forks.
i cant seem to find a headset that is compatible with the forks i bought..lectric xp says the headtube tube on their forks are 1-1/8 or 28.575 mm when everything being sold is non threaded and 28.6mm leaving lectric xp's headset hardware useless in this upgrade..if anyone has completed this upgrade please send me a link to the headset that you used


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When they say 28.6 mm, its 1-1/8 size. Some people just round up when they list it. For headsets, you'll need to measure the frame headtube width. This headset for sale shows how do to that (5th image). You'll also need a new threadless stem. I'm assuming your existing stem is the quill wedge style if its threaded. They sell 4 sizes, the first two is for straight tubes, the odd top/bottom sizes are for tapered steerer tubes.