Suspension seat post for ride1up 700 series


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Looking for opinions from those that have put a suspension seat post on a ride1up 700 series bike? What suspension seat p[ost did you go with, and why? What size was the suspension seat post? And did you notice any improvement in the ride using the existing seat that comes with the ride1up 700? I'm looking to improve the comfort on my ride1up, but wanted to take this one step at a time. Any thoughts and opinions would be appreciated.


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I bought a Suntour NCX suspension seat post - 350 mm in length. I chose it because it wasn't just a straight springed post and had good reviewed, plus it was lower cost than some other recommended ones at about $71. I also bought a shim so that I could buy a more narrow post to potentially use in another bike as well and use the shim in my 700. You can view the a stamp on your existing seat post to determine the width of post needed, or shim needed if you get a more narrow post. I didn't use it with the original seat but replaced the seat at the same time and then again since then. I did notice an improvement on the bumps.