Suspension service and tuning.

Suspension service

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Was wondering how many people do there own suspension service and repairs.
Did you setup your bike yourself or did you use your dealer to set up your bike.
Have you changed your bottomless tokens or air volume shims yourself to tune your bike. Do you do your own service work, change oil bushings seals?
Or did you just take it as it came and ride it and use the shop to service ?

Ann M.

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Our smaller shop works with a very large company that offers suspension service for more than a dozen brands. The tech staff that do the work are all factory trained and offer quick turn around. It's a boon for us since the parts are not all universal. For riders who aren't all into rebuilding their own suspension, it's a great way to properly maintain a fairly expensive bike component. Kudos to those who can do that level of maintenance themselves :)


The reason i posted this was in last few weeks i have been looking close at other riders on the trails and there bike setup.
Having rode with a large group of 12 guys on a realitivly easy DH run most had completely boned there suspension and had no travel left and there wasn’t any hard hits. There tores where scuffed and chunked pretty bad and they all made notice of how new my rides looked and asked if i had put them on that day. When i replied i had over 400 miles on the tires in a 50lb ebike they all had look of shock. They said we just wrote it off as you slower rider but we all saw the speeds you go.
Most don’t realize properly setup suspension can triple or more your tire life.
My butcher front tire has about 30 downhill runs on it which 8 of those runs i have KOM on strava out of 600 plus riders on that run this year and the tire still has most the nipples on it