Sw900 error 07


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Hi everyone
I build ebike with BC controller and sw900 display.
When I started the build I checked the display and everything was fine.
After couple of minutes I saw a green wire come out from the controller and understand it’s what help the controller know the speed and I need to connect it to the engine.
I turned on the bike and I saw e07.
The error first showed up and gone but now I can show it.
I checked with the engine device the sensors and it’s all good.
I still can ride and I bike works but with the error 07 and without any data except the battery.
Thank you


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A green wire with a .157" bullet male connector is usually a feed for a digital volt meter. Mine was built into the throttle.
I had a SW900 on an ebikeling controller from 2018. I found I got error 07 when the pas pickup came loose. I had to scrap it this year when 07 became constant even with a new PAS pickup. Even changing P10 to throttle only didn't make it run with error 07. I tried changing the load capacitor for the 5 v regulator but it didn't help anything.