SWAT Mount adapter for non-SWAT saddles


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I have a 2022 Vado SL 5.0 with the SWAT mount rear light mounted to the Specialized saddle. For me the Specialized saddle wasn’t the best fit. I wanted to use another saddle that was not Specialized. I still wanted to utilize the factory rear tail light with the SWAT mount but needed to figure out a way to mount it to other non SWAT saddles.

I had a 3D file created for an adapter that would mount the SWAT rear light (or any SWAT mount item) to any Go Pro compatible seat rail mount. You can search Amazon for mounts, I chose the Bup Labs Anatra Universal Saddle Seat Mount.

I sent my 3D file off to https://www.xometry.com/quoting/home/ and had the part made. It was about $20 including shipping and I had the part in hand in 4 days. A picture of my order is attached. I tried attaching file but for some reason the STL file isn't compatible.
Screen Shot 2022-06-04 at 6.53.32 PM.png

I purchased from Amazon 2 each: M5 x 0.8mm Nylon Insert Hex Lock Nuts Black and 2 each: M5 x 20 Socket Cap Screws Hex Head Bolts Black to mount the rear light to the adapter. The attached photos show the 2 Hex Lock Nuts inserted into mount adapter. The nuts do take a bit of pressure to insert them into the adapter. I used the handle end of a screw driver to tap them in.


Attached are photos of the rear light mounted on two different saddles. There may have been cheaper alternatives for finding a way to mount this rear tail light but I wanted it to look as factory as possible.






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that's cool! i love making little 3d printed bits for bikes. i do a mix of printing them myself on an old but robust dimension 1200es, or sending them off to shapeways or similar.

given that the entire purpose of the rear arms is to support the garmin mount from the rails, you could design a simple arm that went direct to a pair of swat-spaced bolts and replace three/four pieces with one :)

you might also enjoy this guys shop on shapeways, tons of cool 3d printed bike bits!

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