switching Bion X


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I have a road bike I bought very early this spring, it has 700C tires, I have a bit over a thousand km,s on it and really enjoy it. I also bought a Giant Talon 2 MTB Purchased a bit later that I bought to ride with a good friend. The Talon was going to get a Bafang mid drive installed but then i started thinking. the Bion X
500 hub motor works great. In kit form it costs around $2500 here and since I have it it might be nice to switch it to the MTB. So I talked with my go to bike shop and they said they could switch the Bion X over to the Talon. With it's front forks and 2.25" wide tires it rides very nice. Nothing will happen too soon since it,s holiday time and I'm off to the lake.