Take Control of Fast Lane When "Bike Share" Lane is too Dangerous for Electric Bikes

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The total pleasure my road provides only happens by taking control of the road, as shown in the following picture. Please note the riders descended the hill in the left hand lane as a group to protect themselves from right hand lane dangers. The cyclists were not making a left hand turn. The same strategy is almost without exception employed by scooters and motorcyclists. I often run or walk the hill for miles. Quite frankly, any bicyclist riding the bike share lane during rush hours is literally taking their lives into their hands.


My bike share lane is deadly. The bike share symbol painted on my hill is one of the most cynical pieces of graffiti ever painted by a government. How can bicyclists pedal in traffic at the 35mph speed limit, up a 10% grade? I actually run up the hill faster than most cyclists can pedal. The following bus sign was bent by a car's side view mirror. The mirror is leaning against the pole on the ground.


"I have legalized robbery. And called it belief. I have stole the money. And hid like a thief."
- Dire Straits, "The Man is Too Strong"


The road calming by converting a double lane to single lane is scheduled to begin soon. The street calming may be an experiment in social engineering. My guess is the project will fail because the bus and trucks will slow traffic from 35mph to 20mph. Good grief, how can Sillycon Valley commuters tolerate such delays of their precious time?
So shameful! Horrible way to rationalize on-street parking that shatters a sense of trust and community. The California political system operating at a dysfunctional level. Our political system is so polarized that a lack of moderation and sustainability is the most conspicuous characteristic.

All "before" pictures were taken on the same Friday morning around 8AM. After the road calming completes, I will upload a set of "after" pictures.


The "bike lane" was taken away for street parking. Rather than allow cyclists to pedal on the right side of the white line, riders are required to ride in the right hand bike share lane with traffic.


The 45+ mph, 3.5kW HPC Revolution with NMC batteries is my antidote for unsafe bike-share lanes. In California, the following eMotorBike is a "motorized bicycle" which is treated as a motorcycle for legal purposes. I actually desire motorcycle license plates to allow me to legally ride in the safer left-hand lane.


I see deer on a daily basis. Grazing deer, probably shadowed by one of many local mountain lions from the rock cliffs above the meadow.

I noticed several patterns:
  1. The bike share symbol tells bike riders to ride as close to the white line as possible because cars will not respect bikers who ride in the middle of the lane.
  • The bus occupies the entire lane. The bus always drives in the right lane. No room for bicyclists when the bus comes along. No way to pass a stopped bus that is handling passengers.
  • Every car making a right hand turn drives over the white line. Bikers are in jeopardy of being side-swiped.
    1. GarbageTruck.png
  • A significant percentage of car drivers drift over the white line in the curves.
    1. BusOnLine.png
  • So many cars park on the shoulder of the road that a biker can not take advantage of the space.
  • DeliveryTruck.png
  • The blind curves are an invitation for disaster. Cars pull to the inside of the white line, without realizing that a slow moving bike may be on the other side of the curve. The drivers tend to accelerate out of the turn.
    1. Bank.png
  • Motorcycles and scooters are relatively safe because they can outrun cars.
The nightmare reality is:


I plan to buy two HPC Revolutions to trade off weight and power. The major factors that add weight are listed below. I seek a 40 and 80 pound bike.
  1. 1kW (no DMV registration) vs an eMotorBike 3.5kW motor
  2. Forks
  3. Components
    • Gear ratios
    • High speed with Schlumpf drive to increase cassette ratios by 2.5 times
  4. Downhill parts
    • Hard tail vs full suspension
    • Tires


The 13 pound frame accepts different sized battery packs, up to a 26 Amp-hour battery pack. Each Amp-hour weighs one pound. The frame can handle up to 6000 Watts. Scale the motor power and battery for your needs. The 3,500W, 26Ah HPC Revolution best matches my purposes. 35+ mph top-speed. I have not yet worked out all the details. Many "fuel units" -- battery pack sizes and weight combinations are available.

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Mike leroy

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Whew, cyclists are gonna need some space--unless I'm mistaken, that looks like an incredibly steep incline!
We were joking about how cynical the city government is for painting bike share lane symbols on our street. You must pedal in the car lane at 35mph!

Everyone belly-ached laughed so loudly. The chorus response was "no one rides their bike up that hill!". We all cracked up!

Mike leroy

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A lot of space to ride though! I wish I had that kind of space on my (35mph-50mph roads) commute!
No, cars drove in that lane. The plan is to convert the lane to bike only. It will never happen without some barrier.

Mike leroy

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Whew, cyclists are gonna need some space--unless I'm mistaken, that looks like an incredibly steep incline!
Actually, the road has flattened out at this point, approximately 7.5% grade. The real danger is falling rocks from the cliffs in the 10-12.5% grade section.

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An ebike that's really a motorcycle with pedals isn't really my style of bike; however, I can see where that might be the most viable option in your case.

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An ebike that's really a motorcycle with pedals isn't really my style of bike; however, I can see where that might be the most viable option in your case.
The picture of three cyclists controlling the left hand lane is the solution. Riding a bike in the right hand lane is too dangerous. The only safe or sane option is to ride an eMotorBike in the left hand lane. I almost always see scooters and motorcycles in the left hand lane.

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They could have made the sidewalk slightly larger and implemented something like below. From left to right, a multi-usage path (pedestrian, bike), car parking (empty in picture), and then traffic.

View attachment 2842
I only wish! The general consensus is the situation is beyond belief. The current solution is to remove half of the lanes, which seems equally absurd. There will be many angry drivers. I see this becoming an election issue, as silly as that may seem. Someone dropped the ball. It feels like unreality.

Another crazy issue is the mountain lion in our local, city park. children play in the playground close to the lion's den. The city posted warning signs. The city web site says that the CA Dept. of Fish and Wildlife handles sightings, because so many have been reported. I personally have encountered the mother cougar. One of the most frightening experiences of my life. I am sure a child would have run in fear. The lion instinct is to attack fleeing prey.