Taking a Look at the 2014 iZip E3 Peak


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The Electric Bike Report has posted a look at the iZip E3 Peak, 2014 edition.

Currie Technologies has really gone all out with this new high speed (28 mph) e-mtb that features a 350 watt mid drive motor, 48V mid mount lithium battery, 27.5″ (650b) wheels, RockShox suspension fork, and more!...

The IZIP E3 Peak is priced at $3,000 USD at the time of this review.

Mostly photos to wet your appetite.


Ravi Kempaiah

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Currie has technology collaboration with a company Tranzx (PST- power support technology) and they provide technologies like Bottom Bracket sensor (BB sensor) used in iZip dash and they also provide drive train systems that are used in the E3 peak.

The company is based in Taiwan. Vast majority of premium electric bikes (Easy Motion, Stromer, Ohm) are manufactured in Taiwan, or at least designed in Taiwan and assembled in China.

Their model (Sportive) is very similar to E3 peak and Eagle is --> iZip Town:exp.

Some links and pictures.

Ebikes from Tranzx.


Bottom bracket sensor used in Dash.
BB Sensor Tranzx PST.JPG

Rack system for path plus. It could be slightly different than the one used in path plus, may be people who know this better can shed light on it.

rack system for path plus.JPG


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Thanks, Ravi. It's nice to know where the major wear components came from should the bike not be supported in the future (which I'm guessing is how a lot of ebikes end up).

Ravi Kempaiah

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You're welcome.
Currie is really stepping up the game this year but just like anything else, a new product needs to undergo certain period before it can be perfected.
I'm sure they will stand behind the product and Larry Pizzi frequently visits the forum.

Nevertheless, it's always good to be a well informed customer and know what is what and where our products are coming from.


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Good stuff, the Peak is an interesting bike... I was super excited about an alternative centerdrive (to Bosch, Optibike, EVELO and others) and thought the lower price but higher quality here looked good. I've tested it a few times (with a new video in the review here) and prefer Bosch systems for being smoother and faster to react, but it's not a bad design and I'm excited about the full suspension version they're working on!


Pete got this picture at the recent Sea Otter Classic in California. Here's the full writeup.