TCD-W Charge Mode Screen issue


I have a UK supplied Turbo Vado 4. When I first got the bike I noticed that when the charger (4 amp version) is plugged in and working, everything was as expected except that the Charge Mode screen on the TCD-W would flash up briefly and then disappear. On one occasion it stayed on for the full charge cycle but that was it. No amount of button pressing combination would get the screen to appear. Puzzled as to why, I raised this with the LBS and Specialized and was given all sorts of explanations but the issue persisted despite the bike having all the latest firmware. Then I had a flash of inspiration. My normal procedure was to plug in the Rosenberg connector to the battery, connect the charger to the mains power and then turn on the mains power to the charger. At this point the charger led turned red, the green leds on the battery start to flash and the TCD-W charge mode screen appeared briefly for less than a second and then went blank. Charging would continue as normal until the leds on the battery turned off and the charger led turned green. Ok, so I then decided to power the charger first (red led on charger unit) and then plug in the Rosenberg connector. To my surprise the Charge Mode screen turned on after approx 5 seconds and stayed on for the full charge cycle - success. I tried this a few more times and every time it worked. A subtle but different sequence which has resolved the issue. On reading the manual it states the charger should be powered first and then connected to the battery so I guess I should have followed the manual to the letter. Never would have realised that this was the cause of the issue. Nice to have the screen working although in reality it’s a nice to have and not a necessity. Hope this may help anyone else.


Thank you. That would hopefully help me. I have the same issue on my at Vado 4.0. Topped it up last night and I noticed that the screen didn't light up at all. I'll have to wait on testing that though. I booked it in today at the LBS to have the handle bars lifted...looks like the cables (hopefully only the brakes) have to be lengthened.