Technical knowledge in brakes.Differences between Magura and Shimano brakes.


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Technical knowledge in brakes.
Differences between Magura and Shimano brakes.
Evaporation temperature or bubble / "Fading"
Magura 4.1 / 5.1 230º centigrade / 260º
Shimano Mineral Oil 225º
Hydroscopy or ability to absorb moisture from the environment.
After evaporating is in a gaseous state and returns to liquid again but in that process absorbs moisture and spoil the liquid, that happens in DOT 4.1 and 5.1. is corrosive and deteriorates the joints or plastic seals of the brakes, in fact There are spare parts for these. Not biodegradable.
In the case of Shimano Oil mineral hydraulic oil is moisture repellent and not corroded by moisture. It is not corrosive plastic joints and rubber and brake seals should be worth for life. (There are no spare parts). Biodegradable
The shimano temperature difference makes up for it with larger dissipations such as extraventilation in the brake discs or with brake pad dissipators, combining both systems.

If you weigh a lot + weight of the bike + very long descent from a mountain using a lot of brake, you should use a 180mm disc front and a 160mm behind and not 140mm / 140mm .

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