teekbicycle.com legit or scam?


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Texas Hill Country/Banana Belt, Colorado
Looked at the website. At those price points, I would assume that the quality is very poor. Buyer beware!

Mike TowpathTraveler

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The font angle for TEEK is very very close to TREK. And that is the thing, of course. Fishing for that type of buyer who thinks he or she has somehow lucked into a site for Trek with super low insane prices. "Honey, you won't believe this. I just saved us a total of 8 thousand dollars had we gone and bought our Trek's down at the local Trek bike shop by buying our Treks or Teeks or whatever online, instead!" 🥴

TEEK website: https://www.teekbicycle.com/


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Here's their mailing address. If you're in the LA area stop by.

Their pricing is about 40% too low for what I think is a legit company. Call them up and chat!