Tern HSD With Bosch Smartphonehub


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Hi Guys. I saw the Tern HSD which looks like an amazing e-bike for city commuting and you can use this e-bike as a cargo bike too. But I don't like the display and want to upgrade it to Bosch Smartphonehub which I saw on Propel Bike video. Do you know if I can use such display on Tern HSD?


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Why you want to Use such display. I feel it is kind of annoying to be able to put phone on dock. Also the headlight seems to block you using that smartphone dock

Chris Nolte

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The Smartphone hub would be compatible with the P7 and S8i but not the S+ since COBI doesn't work with eShift currently. The challenge will be to mount the display to the handlebar. The S+ mounts the Intuvia display to the left of the light and in theory, it could go there but I haven't tested it yet. You could also add some sort of accessory bar and add the display to that so I'm sure there is a way to make it happen.