Terrific Summer Ride

Saratoga Dave

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This might not be the worst idea in the world for a topic folder, come to think about it. My wife and I took advantage of a gorgeous upstate NY day to ride the Saratoga Battlefield Road on our ebikes. The whole thing is in the National Park, so it's about as safe as possible, a 9 mile one-way loop with a 30 mph car speed limit and a bike lane all the way around. Lots of hills, since we're riding ebikes, so plenty of exercise opportunity! Being a weekday, we were able to ride side by side pretty much the whole way.

Steeped in American history, views that are as good as anywhere, glass smooth road... anyone wants to ride, give me a holler! I'll drop anything to do this one anytime. Two or three times around and you can start to pile on the mileage as well.


Ravi Kempaiah

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Great to see that!
Exploring national parks on an E-bike is my favorite thing to do.
Just a marvelous experience.

If you ever get a chance, go on the Skyline Drive in Shenandoah national park in Virginia. It's so awesome that I keep dreaming about riding there.
It's about 110 miles but the Blue Ridge parkway has another 300 miles. All are scenic rolling hills and if you go early morning, it's a spiritual experience.





I've driven skyline, had a great time. I don't know about biking it though. I, in my Lancer, passed a Mustang on a downhill portion. He then passed me and well...we were lucky not to run into any bikers. :)

I actually want to go to Gettysburg again. They have a great driving tour cd, I want to rip my copy and bike it.

Al P

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Dave, my wife and I rode the Battlefield Park trail about a month ago. Even without the leaves on the trees, it was a beautiful ride with some gorgeous vistas.

Ravi, the Skyline Drive is beautiful too. I drove it many years ago, but I don't think I would want to bike on its curves with no bike lanes. Too many sightseeing drivers. :eek: