Test Drive: Bosch's Battery-Powered eBike System

George S.

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Someday PCM, Yahoo, and CNET will hire someone like Court and cover ebikes in a serious way. This is farce.


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There is still a PC magazine? Lol...next thing you tell me will be that Dvorak still does reviews :)...

They would be better at reviewing a rotary phone



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Susquehanna Valley
It's just an ebike primer for a "Sunday morning magazine"... It does give a little insight to the power of an ebike.

Ann M.

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New York City, huh--surprised the police didn't pull the reviewer over and ticket & confiscate the bike! Guess the city isn't too serious about its ebike ban.;)

Chris Nolte

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I was there with these guys when they reviewed the bikes. They're actually my demo bikes. We visited many publications over a three day span. A common misconception is that electric bikes are illegal in NYC, actually only throttle powered bikes are under local law 40. Pedal assist is legal.