Test Drove the eJoe Gadis this week


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I have a long spinal fusion, thus afraid to buy on price/review without a first ride, so I test drove four ebikes this weekend: eJoe Gadis, the Magnum Low Rider Cruiser, Magnum Low Step Premium, and Bulls Cross e step thru, all approximately in the 1500-2200 range price wise. First three had about the same power/wattage, all had thumb throttle. But they were all very different experiences. Gadis was most comfortable, most intuitive for me (5'4"), but it required level 5 PAS to move my butt up hills, and it dragged when motor was off. Magnum Cruiser only needed level 2, same gear, but it was so uncomfortable for me. The Magnum has the "comfort angle" for pedals which my husband loved, and I did think I noticed a positive difference on my knees, but no matter how the LBS owner adjusted the handle bars, I was stretched out trying to steer, and in pain. The low step Magnum was just for fun, my 18 year old son loved it most, but again, no matter how we adjusted it, it hurt my back, and I felt less confident riding it. The Bulls-good rep- but less power and sort of jerked me through the assist levels and dragged with motor off; It slowed me down so much on "Zero" that I had to use pedal assist throttle just to go over a slight rise onto shop side walk and then jerked forward so fast I though I was going to go thru glass of shop. Plus, I could barely touch the ground with seat at lowest setting. I had to leave seat whenever I stopped the bike at an intersection. I'm still uncertain of Gadis because it dragged as well, but I do know now that I cannot buy a bike without test driving it. So many small differences changed the experience in a huge way.
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