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Over several months, I have been researching eBikes in an effort to make my commute a lot more relaxed in San Francisco. My commute takes me 4 miles each way with an elevation gain of 290 feet in SF. I test rode Vanmoof, Gazelle Medeo, and Trek Supercommuter 8+, which were more established brands and with a higher price point for entry. I also considered a RadPower RadRunner without a test ride but I came upon the Wing Bike Freedom because of the price and the ability to test ride in my area (Velopicede in SF).

Test Ride:

Velopicede is in the Dogpatch neighborhood of SF and it has a lot of hills to test ride the Wing Bike Freedom Black. My initial impression of the test ride bike was the following:
  • Plus
    • You can remove the battery to charge in your office or your home without taking the bike indoors
    • 350W motor was responsive and it made going up hills easy with the pedal assist responding after little effort
    • Price point was below my budget
  • Minus
    • Hand grips were not grippy and I felt like my hands would slide a bit when I went over a pothole
    • Mechanical brakes felt weak but I attributed this to the bike being a test bike. Nonetheless, I did feel like I needed to hold down the brakes going down hill
    • Ride quality was stiff (no suspension fork) and every bump was felt even with the 1.75 tires
Check out their website for further details.


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Would love to hear more from you as to how you compared the Freedom to the Vanmoof and the Super Commuter 8+