Test riding the Gocycle G3


I'm about to test ride the wild and funky Gocycle G3 for a few weeks. I'm heading out to Santa Monica to pick it up at Bike Attack.

I'll keep you guys posted as to how it is going. What questions do you have about the e-bike? What would you like to know?

Thanks, Nicolas

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Real world range for the battery. Cadence rate at 15 mph and 20 mph. ride comfort and stability on rough surfaces. Have fun?


So far I'll comment on ride comfort and stability.

Ride comfort is better than I accepted with a bike that low to the ground. Sometimes these bikes and e-bike can start to wobble. Although I felt I was wobbling at times, it was This is really because I haven't fully adjusted the handlebar and seat height correctly yet.

Since it's not an off-road e-bike, I did go through some patches of dirt and slight sand, crossing a path to a street for example. The Gocycle do anything unexpected. It handled well, better than I expected.


The real fun is that I normally test drive/ride everything by not looking at the manual, which I knew would be tough with the Gocycle. It is such a futuristic e-bike and not just because of its aesthetic design. I knew I was setting myself up for failure by trying to hop on and use it.

The Gocycle demands as little more respect than your average e-bike, even a high-end one at that. You have to do what is often so hard for guys to do... read the manual. Did I make this clear enough? You have to, pretty much have to read the manual.

I was laughing because after a minute of trying to turn it on, I finally found the on button tucked away, out of sight.

I'm filming my test ride so that you can also have fun with it. I sure am.

More to come!


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Indeed you need to read the manual or have a dealer give you the walk through initially. A couple of neat features on the bike, but if you don't read the manual, repeat read the manual you'll miss out on them. Of course as you know you can tap into the bike by using the GoCycle APP that you can download to your mobile device / tablet.

For a folding bike with a 20" wheel size it too is one of our favorite bikes as they are fun.

Here is a video I did with the founder Richard Thorpe for those who want to see the bike in more detail.

Looking forward to your future comments and keep us posted!




Thanks Will, very informative.

It's definitely a unique and futuristic e-bike. I'm enjoying it a lot.


That Gocycle is definitely a unique e-bike with its pros and cons. I mostly see the pros because it is what it is and hits its market bull's eye. It's a lot of fun to ride around and is incredibly stable the faster you ride it. It's a fun e-bike.


Wow, that one one long and amazing test ride of the Gogcycle G3!

I can't believe the company was kind enough to let us have it this long. We spent over two months on the Gocycle G3 and walking away with a lot to say on such a small e-bike. I'll say one thing. It is unique. It's hard to compare it to another. And that's tricky when you want to write about it.