Testing the Rad Mobile experience


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This sounds like a great concept for providing mobile service and increasing customer satisfaction. ;)

As Rad Power Bikes has grown to become the largest electric bicycle company in North America, it has invested in broadening its reach beyond just a direct-to-consumer e-bike company. It began with a push towards more retail locations, something akin to the traditional bicycle shop model. But that wasn’t enough for the Seattle-based company, which does the majority of its vast sales via its website. No, Rad Power Bikes wanted to bring the physical experience of a bike shop even closer to its customers. The company wanted to show up at its customers’ doors. And thus Rad Mobile was born.

The service is essentially a bike shop in a van that can reach customers for one-on-one service. That includes everything from providing test rides to personal delivery to at-home bike repair. So far, Rad Mobile is only available in a handful of cities, including Seattle, Austin, Portland, Sacramento, Miami, Phoenix, Orange County and Vancouver, B.C. Customers can shop from the convenience (and viral safety) of their computer chair. Then experienced Rad Power Bikes technicians can show up for a test ride, handle the assembly or perform maintenance/repairs whenever necessary. While the professional assembly and at-home servicing options understandably come with a charge ($79-$129 depending on location), the test riding service is actually free!



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we used this service for a test ride and the guys were real pros, easy experience and id be comfortable buying a bike from them knowing they can provide the mobile service via a converted sprinter van, while my wife was test riding a bike i had a nice chat with the guys and they really enjoyed their jobs!