Thank You Court!


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This RR forum is great and has a good community to be sure. I see that Mike, owner and designer of Rad Power Bikes posts here often and seems to be really concerned with his customers! That's great to see and gives me even more confidence in making my RR purchase.

I have been reading through all the threads and have gotten tons of really useful to info on the Rover. I will be ordering my RR soon, then soon after be tearing up the streets of San Francisco on my steel horse! :)

A big thanks to Court for setting these super useful and informative forums for RR riders! As well as his many ebike video reviews and dedication to the ebike scene. They have really helped me get educated and make my decision to buy a Rad Rover.

Keep up the Great Work Court!



I agree with you on all counts. I love the forum and the bike reviews are always interesting and upbeat. It's also a great place for new ideas and links to useful bike goodies.

Ann M.

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Thanks, Mark! Court puts a lot of heart & work into doing all of the reviews and building this Forum where we all get to share. We try to encourage the manufacturers to participate and communicate with their ebike owners & those who might be ebike owners.

Looking forward to seeing what bike you choose @SteelHorseRider and all the pics and stories about your ebike!