The 2016's are live on izips site


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Looking at the Dash the torque has gone up considerable from 40nm to 73nm! That should climb some hills.

  • Class 3, 28 mph speed
  • 350W Currie Electro-Drive® Centerdrive System
  • 73 NM of Torque
  • 48V down tube battery
  • Fully equipped 700c pavement warrior
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Hydraulic Brakes too. It's 54lbs, so I think it's heavier that the 2015 model.
Who's upgrading? I personally think the 2015 is better looking.

The Protour looks like a beast! 500w centerdrive!

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I'm hearing from a guy I see from time to time on the ferry with the Curry izip e3 Dash that zero to top speed the 2015 model beats the 2016. Can anyone confirm or deny this? Doesn't seem to make much sense since the latest model got a bump in torque (unless the top speed was lowered).