The 4680 cell standard , longer range, lighter weight


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This thread is a bit more about technical stuff; for those who know, LG and Tesla are in the process of making a new type of cell, a tabless cell, the 4680.

From that , to having the new cells in ebikes may be a long 1or 2 years . Or they may also never arrive to ebikes due to huge demand for them in EV's.

The nr. 1 Q when people get an EV is WHAT'S THE RANGE ?

For ebikes is : HOW MUCH WAS IT ?? Then What's the range ?

So, w/o those 4680 cells an EV company will be obsolete in no time.

But an ebike with premium cells like the 4680 would command top dollar and very likely will be sold out.

It has 2x the amount of WH for same space. So, then , will we have new ebike designs again and new standards ? Would be nice to have a 1250wh battery at around 10lb weight and with the dimensions of a present 600wh pack. Or a 600wh pack with half the dimensions and current weight of the last gen. 600wh pack 🧐.

What will happen to the " old" ebikes ? 75% sale , replace the cells ??

Even now, there are very few companies who are using the newer 21700 cells in ebikes, but it didn't took too long for them. A 21700pack is usually 750wh or 900wh.

George S.

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There was something this morning about LG and Samsung moving along on this cell. It looks like 2023 for the Tesla builds, so that is not close. For Lifepo4, the 32650 is a fairly standard cell. I think Battleborn may use that size. They say the 4680 is 5x more energy (non LFP), so if they mean a 3000 mah 18650, that would be 15000mah. That's a good battery pack size in a 1p configuration. If you spot weld a row of 13 of these cells you have a fairly high capacity 48v pack. It seems to take 39 21700 cells to get there, or 13s3p. Because the 18650 is out there in the billions, it seems to be getting dirt cheap. That Chinese stuff is maybe a dollar if you buy thousands, or have a monthly contract for a bunch.