The Beast: Solar Powered Off-Road Fun


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Resembling something brawnier than a scooter yet not quite a chopper motorcycle, the Beast cuts something of an unusual figure. Inverted suspension forks hold the first of the 10-inch alloy rims and bear a 4,500 lumen LED headlight on the front. The alloy frame sits atop two 19.7-inch off-road tires, measuring 6.3 ft (1.92 m) from end to end, with a height of 3.75 ft (1.1 m) and weight of 55 kg (121 lb).

It features 15 W-hr solar panels which complement power from the grid by channeling energy to the 60-V 12-AH lithium battery with continuous trickle charging. While one full charge is good for an electric range of 40 km (24 mi), Daymak says that the solar panels can deliver 10 km (6.2 mi) of range for every eight hours they are exposed to ambient sunlight. This means that plugging the Beast into the outlet could be something of a rarity for those traveling only short distances.


Running on a modest 500 W (0.67 hp) gearless hub motor, the Beast has a top speed of 32 km/h (20 mph). This adheres to the legal limit for e-bikes in motor-only mode, meaning that it can cross from off-road to the city streets without raising any flags.

Source: Gizmag



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This is pretty neat Andrew thanks... Reminds me of the solar kick scooters presented at Interbike 2013. Here's another Gizmag article about it. I like the look and versatility of The Beast, I wonder if more ebikes will integrate solar in the future. The trickle charging could keep batteries healthy and provide "free" extra range.