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Chris Barnes

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Hi fellow enthusiasts!
My name is Chris Barnes and I am the president of CAB Motorworks, where we have been selling kits, standard ebikes, and creating custom builds for many happy customers during the past 4 years. We have recently decided to go into full production with our latest development, that we have named the Eagle. The Eagle is a 10kw ebike built on the Electric Enduro frame using the best components that we can find. We have been working on the development for over a year now and have finally gotten to the point of releasing the Eagle through a kickstarter campaign. We have much respsect for this community and we were hoping that you could help us by providing feedback to both our campaign and to the configuration of the Eagle and we progress. Please take a minute to come check out our page and let us know what you think! Here is the link:

Thanks a million everyone!
Chris Barnes

George S.

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It's interesting that you went with GA cells running at 72 volts. From what I have read, it might be tough to get 10kW out of that pack for very long. It probably isn't a commuter bike, so maybe no high speeds for long periods. I think the Farasis pouch cells, 25AH, are rated 100 amps, with a heftier peak current. There is interesting stuff being done on heat sinks for hubs, in Australia.

I thought about building a 3kW version of this style of bike, just to see how well it would have worked. I would have gone with the EEB frame from EM3ev. What I figured is that it would stand out, on the street. Once the sheriff put his hand on my shoulder, that would be the end. They generally don't hammer you the first time, but they do the second.

You are at $5,000 for the first group. I figure someone will make a street legal motorcycle, probably around 5 kW, and come in at or a bit below that price. But you are out there proving the concept, to some extent. It's like the brakes. I don't know what you need, but I'd want motorcycle brakes.

From the KS campaign:

Eagle KS Page.png

Chris Barnes

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Hi George,
Thanks for your feedback, you are obviously in the know, and this is the kind of thing we are looking for.

Concerning the cell choice in the battery, we understand your position, however we have found that the GA cells perform spectacularly. We pull about 140 amps peak and with the 35 Ah pack this works out to be 4C, which the GA's do no problem. In addition, the 10kw is the peak power and if you were on flat ground doing 50 mph you will be pulling less than half of the peak amps, so now you are in the less than 2C range. The only time you would see sustained 10kw and 140 amps being pulled from the pack is if you were at full throttle up a very steep incline for a very long distance, say a mile or two.

Thinking about your proposed 3kw build, we think you would be good to go! We use the EEB frame as the base for the Eagle and carry it as a unique item as well. After riding the EEB based bikes for almost two years now we feel that it can be done with no problem, considering you follow this one rule.... Play it cool when you should play it cool! If there are other people around don't go 50 mph, and abide by the speed limits for the street you are on or the local ebike rules of your area. Then, when you are in a spot that is free of pedestrians.... let it rip. That said, we suggest not messing around with 3 kw, and feel like if you are going to go with this frame, go ahead and start at 5kw minimum.

We see where you are coming from with the street legal motorcycle perspective, and we are looking to develop on that platform moving forward for sure. That said, you cant ride that on the beach path or the bike path or in the park with a street legal motorcycle, which is the niche that the Eagle fits into. You can ride the Eagle anywhere and yet it is capable of powering with many dirtbikes!

Thanks again for taking the time to look over our campaign and for responding to this post George!
Happy Ebiking



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Just a heads up, in your video, you state that in the 750w setting its by federal definition a bicycle and can go anywhere a bicycle can go, which is not accurate. The federal CPSA defines what you can sell as an ebike, it doesn't say where you can ride them at all, that's left up to your state or town to decide. Which quite honestly with that bike, won't be many places that are both legal and public, even in California. With 10kw on tap, you can't even call it a moped. Electric vehicles like yours masquerading as an ebike only threaten everyone else's access.

Chris Barnes

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Thanks for your feedback! We agree that you should ride responsibly and within the requirements set forth by the local area in which you are riding, which it does not seem that many consumers of electric bikes are doing, no matter the power. We also agree that not following the local restriction will be bad for everyone. That said we are only interpreting the word for word expression of the CPSA in saying that a vehicle meeting the 750W/20mph will be considered a low speed electric bicycle, and not a motorized vehicle, and furthermore that the CPSA shall supersede any state law or requirement that is more stringent. Considering all of this, we continue to express that you should ride responsibly when in proximity of others and follow the rules, and that the modes available to the Eagle that extend beyond CPSA requirements are for offroad use only.

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